Honors (Natalia De Marco)
1995 Stock Exchange Fund Scholar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1998 Antorchas Foundation Fellowship, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2007 PhD awarded with distinction, Columbia University, New York
2009 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Patterson Trust, Bank of America
2011 C.Storm Underrepresented Minority Fellowship, Excitatory Synapses & Brain Function, GRC
2011 NARSAD Young Investigator Award, Brain and Behavior Research Foundation
2012 K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award, National Institute of Mental Health (MH095825)
2015 Pediatric Epilepsies Award, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy
2016 Leon Levy Fellowship Award, Leon Levy Foundation
2016 Frueauff Foundation Award
2017 Travel Award. AXON2017 conference, Austria
2018 MINDS/NINDS Scholar
2019 Kellen Junior Faculty Award, Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation
2019 PCCW Affinito-Stewart Award
2020 Irma Hirschl/Monique Weill-Caulier Career Scientist Award
2020 Brain Research Foundation Seed Grant

Ongoing grants (De Marco lab)
2R01MH110553. De Marco Garcia, Natalia (PI).
07/01/16-06/30/2026. Title: Neural mechanism for the assembly of GABAergic circuits in the cerebral cortex.Role: PI

1R01NS116137-01A1. De Marco Garcia, Natalia (PI).
9/30/2020-8/31/2025. A Circuit Mechanism for the Development of Cortico-cortical Connectivity.

1R01MH125006-01. De Marco Garcia, Natalia (PI), Rajadhyaksha, Anjali (co-PI).
9/01/2020-8/31/2025. GABAergic Interneuron Dysfunction in Developing Cortical Circuits Underlying Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

1F30HD100089-01A1. Andrew F. Iannone (PI), De Marco Garcia, Natalia (Major Sponsor).
7/01/20-06/30/2024.Title:The Role of Layer I Interneurons in the Activity-Dependent Assembly of the Somatosensory Cortex.

1F30MH117939. Rachel A Babij (PI), De Marco Garcia, Natalia (Major Sponsor).
07/01/18-06/30/2022. Title:The Instruction of Sensory Inputs in Inhibitory Interneurons